Low overhead. Massive value. Plenty of personal (but not too personal) attention. Flexibility so…uhmm…flexible that we can accommodate practically any size project. Bet you didn’t think you could get all that from one partner. Well, guess what? We have no problem telling you when you’re wrong.



As a nimble, mid-sized production company, we work with agencies and direct clients of every shape and size. We’d never turn up our nose at a massive budget (Can you imagine? “More money?! Never!”), nor do we sneeze at small ones (passion projects make us feel good inside).


We built our business on taking care of business, so you can trust us to keep calm under fire (even when pyrotechnics are involved). We’re responsive, responsible and respectful of you, your time and your budget.


Our home base may be in Boulder, but we know and have worked with crew in pretty much every major U.S. market, as well as internationally (Germany, Spain, Canada, India and beyond). Wherever we go, we build or bring a team that will make the magic happen. 



Jed said it: “If I don’t know the first name of everyone on my crew, I’ve made a huge mistake.” Quality connections clearly hold a lot of clout with this guy. No wonder he has so many friends.

Waypoint Films is owned and operated by Founder/Producer/Director Jed Mortenson who spent 15 years in L.A. before making the move to Boulder. Even more exciting, he’s worked with some of film’s finest, including—prepare for name dropping—James Cameron, Gale Anne Hurd and Jonathan Demme. Boom.

In the years since his dream job became a legit one, Jed has grown Waypoint into a massive network of trusted film and video production experts across the globe—from directors and DPs to editors and sound techs. Whatever your project, Jed’s in on it, so you know your baby’s being looked after by the best.