These are some of our most talented go-tos, but the list definitely doesn’t stop here. Don’t see the right fit? Just ask. We probably know exactly who you’re looking for, and our matchmaking game is strong.


Kevin Emmons
If you want to meet the epitome of “chill,” allow us to introduce you to Kevin. This guy runs the most relaxed set you’ll ever set foot on, but somehow he’s still one of the fastest directors on our roster. He’s also one of the most experienced. Kevin has directed and/or DP’d hundreds of broadcast spots, and lifestyle is where he really shines. It makes sense too, because he’s a real people person. From on-camera talent to video village, everyone has a good day when Kevin’s around.


Jed Mortenson
A natural visual storyteller, Jed’s film career began in the 4th grade when he stole his parents’ Super 8 camera. Such a rascal. In the years the followed, he graduated cum laude from USC’s prestigious School of Cinematic Arts and has worked on everything from epic Hollywood features like Jurassic ParkVirus and The Abyss to corporate videos for local  clients to national broadcast spots. If you need a helicopter aerial shot, we’d bet our life savings that Jed will call dibs.


Adam Paul
An actor-turned-director? Hells to the yeah. Adam brings a unique perspective to directing (not to mention a motherlode of experience) because he spent decades in front of a camera as a working actor. His dry and, we’ll just say it, fairly warped sense of humor makes working with Adam a guaranteed joy. No joke, we’re still cracking up at some of the now-legendary performances he directed with his one-of-a-kind comedic chops.


Don Rase
If anyone ever makes a movie about Don, our vote for title would be Director Rising: From Grip to Glory. Seriously, this guy has done almost everything there is to do on set. From props to production manager, assistant director to producer, this inspired director has decades of experience working with major brands. Don’s understated wit and keen sense of comedic timing can’t be taught, and even if it could, we’d still only settle for the original.