This gig allowed us to tap into our inner Beavis & Butthead - blow stuff up!  Victors & Spoils chose Waypoint films to execute this ‘outside the box’ creative for their client Wines of Chile.  As fun and artistic as the concept was, it was a technical challenge to pull off.  A full day of testing with our art department and special effects teams let us dial in what size squib to use, where to place it on the bottle, how viscous the liquid should be, and many other variables.  Production designer Eowyn Mishawn built us a lovely set, then Oscar winning special effects guru Tim Drnec, ably assisted by Jim Milligan, got to destroy it (in a safe and beautiful way).  DP Jimmy Matlosz and Phantom tech Patrick McGraw joined us and brought years of high speed experience.  A final flourish of class was added by the original score provided by Boulder’s Coupe Studios.


AGENCY Victors and Spoils
DIRECTOR Aaron Hartshorn
DP Jimmy Matlosz